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Full contact (Head Office)
Ing.Eduard Molla - Manager
Phone:+355 69 684 8525
Full contact (Head Office)
Capt.Orion Tahiri - Manager
Phone: +355 68 20 32 638
Rome, Italy (Office)
Via Luigi Gherzi 8,00136
Rome Italy
Vlore (Office)
Rr. Hektor Shyti Nd55 , H21 apt, 4
Postal Code 9403
Saranda (Office)
Rr.Mit’Hat Hoxha, Lagja Nr.5, Building 33
Postal Code 9401
Aspropyrgos, Greece (Office)
θεση σατριβανι Ασπροπυργος αττικης
Beijing, China (Office)
BUPT, 10 Xitucheng Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100876
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