Bunkering Albania

Global shipping Group has a certain department for the supply of yachts, cargo ships, tankers, cruiser passanger ro ro etc. with duty free oil.
the department is composed of professionals who are in service 24/7/365 at any time in any port in Albania for information and assistance at any time.
Some of the products we offer is diesel 10 ppm, Marine gasoil, hydraulic oil, engine oil and all other products from the most prestigious and best companies.
We offer fuel duty free for all yacht commercial and private for any quantity , we supply any time day and night in any port.

Some procedures we need :

  • Before vsl arrive need :
  • Ship’s particular/boat register
  • Passport Capt (copy )
  • Bunker request (we send us)
  • Notification form ( We send us)

We send upon your request:

  • Same of fuel before and after bunkering
  • Qualitiy certificate
  • Quantity Certificate
  • Bunker Delivery
  • Invoice